1. Acceptance of the Conditions of Use.

1.1 The present conditions regulate the access and use of the website with URL crconsultoreslegales.com, crabogados.com and abogadosbarcelonasantgervasi.com.

1.2 The owner of the website crconsultoreslegales.com (hereinafter the “Site”) is Asesoría Sant Gervasi S.L. with Tax Identification Number B-61596565, who acts with the registered trademark CR CONSULTORES LEGALES, with registered office in Sant Gervasi de Cassoles 74-80, 08022 Barcelona, filed in the Companies Register of Barcelona under Book 30675, Page 181, Sheet B-178177.

1.3 This Site is addressed to persons of legal age with the purpose to offer the legal services of CR CONSULTORES LEGALES, as well as introducing the members of the firm and a space dedicated to the legal news and FAQ regarding present legal topics. To access the Site contents it will not be necessary to register and its access will be free of charge.

1.4 The access and use of the Site, its Contents and Services, sending an on-line consultation, the contact form of the Site by private individuals and companies confers the status of user (hereinafter “User” or “Users”) and means the acceptance of all the legal Terms and Conditions regulating the Site at the moment Users access the Site, which User DELCARES TO HAVE READ, UNDERSTOOD AND ACCEPTED IN FULL. If you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions, do not visit or access our Site. The access to and browsing the Site does not mean establishing any contractual link CR CONSULTORES LEGALES.

1.5 The Terms and Conditions of the Site are:

– The Terms and Conditions of Access and Use of the Site, in the wording published at the moment Users access it.

– The Privacy Policy in the wording published at the moment Users access it.

1.6 The information contained on the Site is merely for information purposes and under no circumstance may constitute legal advice; the use made of it by Users will be exclusively under their own risk and liability.

2. User Statements.

2.1 User undertakes not to remove, delete, manipulate or amend, the notes, observations or symbols included to their properties regarding intellectual or industrial property either by CR CONSULTORES LEGALES or the legitimate owners of the rights, as well as not to remove the technical protection measures that may have the contents of the Site.

2.2 User undertakes to access and use the Site according to law, morality and public order, as well as according to the present General Terms, and if so, according to its particular conditions, in a diligent and correct way. Its use for commercial or illegal purposes is expressly prohibited.

2.3 User undertakes not to use the Site to transmit contents, material or information that may be illegal, contrary to morality or public order, inappropriate or harmful to underage persons; that violate the dignity of persons or human rights; that incite, induce or promote criminal, defamatory or discriminatory offences; that violate third parties’ intellectual or industrial property rights; that induce to serious error or contrary to right of honour or which for any reason User shall have no right to transmit or to publish due to be legally protected; which violate trade secrets or of any other type; that infringe the right to secrecy of communications; that constitute illegal or disloyal advertising, including online advertising, etc. in form of massive email advertising (spam), pyramidal or junk email, which prevents other Users from regular use of service; that allow collecting and storing data about other Users violating the present Terms, the Privacy Policy of the Site and the Data Protection regulation; that might insert viruses or any other element damaging or blocking the normal operation of the Site, hardware or software of CR CONSULTORES LEGALES or of third parties.

2.4 User accepts that the information provided within the Site will be merely for information purposes and under no circumstance may constitute legal advice. The use made of it by User will be exclusively under his own risk and responsibility, not being allowed to request any liability regarding decisions taken on the basis of information obtained from the Site.

3. User Registration and Password Confidentiality.

3.1 User does not need to register to access the Site.

3.2 In case of creating a register, only Users of legal age and/or authorized company representatives might register, prior fulfilment of the complete registration process, proof of representation and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions regulating the Site.

3.3 Access keys and passwords that allow registering shall not be disclosed to anyone and only User shall have knowledge of them, in order to avoid identity theft and preventing somebody from sending messages and/or comments in another persons’ name. If you lost your password and suspect somebody has had access to your password and/or user name, please inform us to take the necessary safety measures in order to avoid illicit or non-authorized access.

3.4 Registered Users might voluntarily cancel their account at any time notifying it to the following email address info@crconsultoreslegales.com attaching a copy of their ID, Passport or similar allowing us to verify the identity of User to cancel the account.

3.5 CR CONSULTORES LEGALES might cancel a User account in the following cases:

– Non-compliance or suspicion about non-compliance with the present Terms of Access and Use, Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct.

– False registration data.

– Not sending within the requested term copy of the identification documents or representation faculties of the companies.

– By request of Court or competent authority.

– In case of closing the Site due to reasons beyond our control.

4. Duration.

The present General Terms will have an indefinite duration. CR CONSULTORES LEGALES may terminate in case of non-compliance with the duties and terms established in the present General Terms, and if so, Particular Terms of Service and Code of Conduct.

5. Intellectual and Industrial Property of the Site.

5.1 All elements forming the Site, format, browsing structure, selection, arrangement, design, contents, services, creative and original elements, images, databases, software, source code, logotypes, distinctive sign (hereinafter the “Contents”) are owned by CR CONSULTORES LEGALES and are protected by intellectual and industrial property regulation; without prejudice to the full title owned by collaborating entities regarding their own contents, logotypes, trademarks or advertisements.

5.2 Any reproducing, distributing, publishing, making interactively available, transforming and reverse engineering of the Contents or the use of Contents published on the Site owned by CR CONSULTORES LEGALES or its licensers to create new projects and services and/or databases with information collected from the Site without prior written authorization is strictly forbidden.

5.3 Access, display, and if so, the download of the Contents will always be by the User on his own risk, without aim of making profit, and only intending to access the information to satisfy his strictly private need, without any commercial interest.

5.4 CR CONSULTORES LEGALES owns the intellectual property rights on the databases, if existing, its structure, created to operate the Site, conceived as work, data and other independent elements placed systematically or with method, accessible individually by electronic means or any other means, which due to the selection and placement of the Contents constitute an intellectual work.

6. Personal Data Protection.

Processing of personal data provided by Users is regulated by the Privacy Policy, available under www.crconsultoreslegales.com, which User declares to know and accept. User is the only responsible for false and/or inaccurate statements.

7. Use of Services.

7.1 Certain services rendered through the Site might be regulated by its own Particular Terms of Service, which if so may complete, amend or replace the present General Terms and will need its careful reading at the time of accessing and its expressly acceptance.

7.2 When services are rendered through the Site for registered Users, in which your opinion could be collected, experience and knowledge shared, such as chats, forums, newsgroups, registered Users generally undertake to use them according to principles of good faith, respecting valid regulation and intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties, guaranteeing not to give comments or opinions contrary to law, morality, public order, of inappropriate content for underage persons, defamatory, slanderous, pornographic and/or which are contrary to image or violate the reputation of persons or companies, their or their employees’ honour; all this without prejudice of compliance with the Code of Conduct, if existing.

7.3 CR CONSULTORES LEGALES will carry out no publishing work regarding the contents created by registered Users and does not assume any kind of liability regarding them and reserves the right to remove at any time and without notice or any entitlement whatsoever to compensation, contents published by registered Users not complying with the present General Terms and/or Code of Conduct.

7.4 If you think the present General Terms and/or Code of Conduct are being breached, please inform on info@crconsultoreslegales.com stating the reason of breach, without prejudice of the tools or mechanisms CR CONSULTORESS LEGALES has provided to report offensive, defamatory and/or illegal contents.

8. Exclusion of Liability.

8.1 CR CONSULTORES LEGALES does not guaranty the truthfulness, accuracy, integrity, usefulness, suitability, reliability, availability, currentness, appropriateness, legality, and absence of viruses or other harmful elements in the contents published on the Site.

8.2 CR CONSULTORES LEGALES does not guaranty the availability, continuity and proper operation of the Site as far as the access to it requires the collaboration of other service providers of the information society.

8.3 CR CONSULTORES LEGALES accepts no liability for security errors or damages caused to IT systems (hardware or software) of the User or third parties and/or to files or documents stored as a consequence of a virus in Users’ computer during his access to the Site.

8.4 CR CONSULTORES LEGALES accepts no liability neither for error or anomaly of the Site in unforeseen circumstances or force majeure, as well as such circumstances beyond its control and caused by wrong or false statements of User and/or misconfiguration of his computers systems, nor for error or service interruption due to service providers of access, hosting, electricity supply and any other third party out of our control.

8.5 CR CONSULTORES LEGALES has no obligation of supervising contents provided by Users if so, and no general obligation of supervising transmitted or stored data, carry out active search of facts or circumstances indicating illegal activities, being not liable for the information stored and/or accessible on request of User with the limits established in valid Spanish regulation.

8.6 CR CONSULTORES LEGALES declines all liability regarding legal information published on the Site (newsletter, FAQ, blog), which is merely for information purposes and under no circumstance may constitute legal advice. The use made of it by Users will be exclusively under their own risk and liability.

9. Hyperlinks or Links.

9.1 Links contained in the Site and the search machines might redirect User to third parties’ sites.

9.2 CR CONSULTORES LEGALES declines, with the limits established under Spanish law, all liability towards User for proper use of the link, its availability, truthfulness and legality of contents and/or information, proper service operation and compliance of applicable regulation as well as sector-specific regulation for product or service by the linked websites.

9.3 Under no circumstance the posting of links does mean any connection between CR CONSULTORES LEGALES and the companies or individuals owning the linked websites. The procurement of services and/or acquisition of products offered by linked websites will be directly carried out between User and the linked website, holding CR CONSULTORES LEGALES harmless from any liability regarding the contents, products and proper service rendering by the linked websites.

10. Amendment of Site, Contents, Services and Legal Terms.

10.1 For improvement, technical and legality reasons CR CONSULTORES LEGALES reserves the right, at any time and without notice to User, to amend, extend, remove, suspend or interrupt temporarily or definitely the Site, its Contents and Services.

10.2 In order to comply with valid regulation and/or with codes of conduct, due to technical reasons of access to the Site and to the Contents and/or Service rendering, CR CONSULTORES LEGALES may amend, extend and review the Terms and Conditions of the Site.

10.3 The amendments will be published on the Site and will be informed to Users to the provided e-mail address with sufficient time in advance to be known before their use. Once carried out, the access to the Site means ACCEPTANCE of them. If you do not accept the amendments, please do not access the Site.

10.4 The latest version of the Terms and Conditions of the Site will be always available on the Site, and may be stored and reproduced by Users.

11. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The present General Terms shall be governed by Spanish law and the parties agree to submit each other to the Courts of the City of Barcelona.

12. Advertising.

12.1 The Site may include advertising content. CR CONSULTORES LEGALES assumes no liability for illegality, error, inaccuracy and/or irregularities of the advertising contents.

12.2 To manage advertising on the Site, we inform you that generic cookies are used. Generic cookies are small text files placed when entering and stored in the users’ browser with possibility of later access, so that the server may recall certain information allowing recognition of the browser and computer in future, connection place; used device (fix/mobile); identify the most visited pages; usual action carried out during browsing and access to previously stored information. These cookies are used to accelerate browsing through the Site, to customize users’ access, to produce statistics about the Site, produce reports of visits and traffic of the Site and to provide a service of the information society requested by User. Under no circumstance, the information provided by cookies is stored with the purpose to obtain user profiles. User may disable cookies in his browser, which may difficult the proper operation of the Site.

12.3 To avoid such cookie placement, you need to configure your browser with the maximum privacy level, or to receive on-screen warning of each cookie to be received and decide at that moment about its installation on your computers’ hard disk.

12.4 The browsing data to which CR CONSULTORES LEGALES has access, e.g. your IP address, will be used to analyse the Sites’ use statistics, including the most visited sections and Users’ preferences. The IP address will be used for those purposes in dissociated way, not allowing individual identification.