Juan Gris: “Houses in Paris” – 1911
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York,


Our team is made up of top management professionals from the elderly care home, social health and health sectors who work side by side with a legal, tax and business consultancy team that provides all the necessary support in any purchase or sale transaction in the elderly healthcare field.


Peter Peffermann

Director Healthcare at CR Consultores Legales

E: peter.peffermann@crconsultoreslegales.com
T: +34-932.112.919
M: +34-601.281.881

What do we provide?

Before considering the purchase or sale of an asset or the realisation of an investment project, we offer:

  • Formulate valuation reports of operating care homes.
  • To prepare a detailed analysis of the possibilities of optimizing the efficiency of the examined
    company or activity.
  • To carry out a market study on the opportunity of opening a care home from the perspective
    of its full management, with details of the lease-price that guarantees an adequate return on investment.

Once the investment or disinvestment decision is made, we provide:

  • Intermediation services in purchase and sale transactions of care homes and day-care
    centres, as well as the transfer of the management (operation) of such care homes.
  • Legal services, which include the preparation of all necessary documents, the development
    of the management and supervision of the procedure that entails guaranteeing the success
    of the transaction and due diligence.
  • Tax advisory services.

How will we do it?

Paul Cézanne: “The card players”.
between 1890-1895 – Musée d’Orsay, Paris.


If you are planning an acquisition or sale process, of one or more care homes or its operation, or even if it has already begun, it is essential to know the appropriate valuation that allows to determine its economic and financial viability.

  • We carry out the valuation of care homes.
  • We prepare the project of the income statement.
  • We examine the return on investment.

Francisco de Goya: “The building site”
1786-1787 – Grupo Planeta Collection


  • We evaluate the pre-existing offer in a specific territory and the recommended location.
  • We determine the size and configuration of the home.
  • We speciby the elderly care services to be provided.
  • We optimize development projects, building to optimize efficiency and operation.
  • For that purpose, we have a collaboration agreement with one of the main groups in the construction sector with proven experience in erecting care homes.

To do so, we have a deep knowledge of the value chain, that is, developers and SPECIALIZED INVESTORS:

  • We have a portfolio of specialized national and international investors in the sector, with great interest in buying or leasing multiple care homes.
  • We are in direct contact with the main elderly healthcare operators.